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All Norican brands will be exhibiting together in  moulding Hall 17 at GIFA.

  • Green Sand Foundry - melting and dosing from StrikoWestofen; sand reclamation and preparation from Simpson; Vertical and horizonal moulding from DISA and shot blasting from Wheelabrator

  • Diecasting Foundry - melting and dosing from StrikoWestofen; high pressure diecasting from ItalPresseGauss and shot blasting from Wheelabrator
  • Monitizer digital solutions - meet the team supporting customers to visualise their equipment performance on a dashboard which allows them to make real time improvements.
  • Sustainability - reducing greenhouse gas emissions and your impact on the environment is becoming more and more important in business.  Learn why the Norican team have signed up to Science Based Targets and how we can support you to act in a more sustainable way.


Since inventing vertical moulding in the 1960s, DISA has continued to deliver step changes in green sand foundry technology. Its product portfolio today encompasses all types of moulding machines, as well as sand mixers, coolers and accessories, backed by global aftermarket and service support.

Broadening access to high-efficiency, high-performance and sustainable foundry equipment has been an important mission for DISA throughout the decades. Today, this includes advanced digital technology than any foundry, anywhere, can access.


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ItalPresseGauss develops advanced low-pressure, high-pressure and gravity die casting machines for aluminium and other light metals. Since the 1970s, the business has been at the forefront of die casting automation, delivering the tightly integrated cells needed in high-performance production.

Today, ItalPresseGauss’ technology is a key enabler of the global shift to aluminium, driven by the transition to e-mobility, a need for ever larger structural aluminium parts and general light-weighting trends.



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Monitizer is the proven Industrial IoT solution for production optimization, tried and tested on the most complex manufacturing processes. Enabled with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, all your data is at your fingertips, empowering you to make data-drive decisions.

  • Monitor, report and analyze your data
  • Reduce scrap and rework, improve quality
  • Speed up troubleshooting, reduce downtime
  • Lower costs, increase productivity


Leading experts in energy-efficient sand mixing, cooling, handling, reclamation, and analysis, Simpson joined the Norican family in October 2022 but has been a family-run business for over a century.


With the world’s largest portfolio of advanced sand preparation and control technologies, organisations of any size and focus – from small jobbing steel foundries to large-scale, high-volume automotive iron or aluminium foundries – can find their perfect sand solution to achieve lower operating costs, high productivity and consistent quality.



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StrikoWestofen has been innovating in furnace technology since the 1950s. The business designs, makes and looks after melting, holding and dosing furnaces for use in light metal foundries and die casting operations.

Today, StrikoWestofen is synonymous with foundry efficiency. A rigorous focus on reducing energy use and metal loss while improving casting quality has resulted in the most energy-efficient furnaces in the industry.



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For the foundry industry, Wheelabrator specialises in continuous and batch shot-blast technology for high quality deburring, decoring, desanding and cleaning of castings.

With a wide range of super-efficient, digitally optimized machines tailored to match the distinct needs of aluminium, iron and steel foundries, Wheelabrator helps you select the best solution according to casting production method, part size, number, preferred handling method and production flow. 


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