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Watch leading Alu thinkers give their personal EUROGUSS previews.

Ready for lift-off?  Aluminum gets its booster rockets at EUROGUSS 2024.

The global aluminum market is set to be worth a staggering $277.5 billion by 2030. This growth potential demands a multi-faceted scale-up of production. 

Tomorrow’s alu production will be faster, more energy-efficient, more cost-effective, more agile. It will handle giant components of staggering complexity and will digitally optimize its processes to produce perfect castings every time.
ItalPresseGauss, StrikoWestofen, DISA, and Monitizer are here to fuel the alu lift-off – with equipment innovations, digital solutions and expert support on the ground. Enabling all ambitious foundries to seize the growth opportunity - whether they’re big or small, green sand or die casters.

At EUROGUSS 2024, the four brands will be in Hall 7, Stand 7-278 – with the latest in high-pressure die casting, melting, dosing, green sand tech and digital process optimization.

Why visit? Here are our leaders with their pitches:


Die casting: Precision meets modular

“Come see us to experience our award-winning Toggle Free Smart Series HPDC machines. Where cutting-edge precision meets a modular design to suit your production. Minimal scrap, impeccable castings, maximum uptime. Loved not just by EV manufacturers.”

Marco Gandini, Managing Director, ItalPresseGauss 


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Melting and dosing: Save your energy

“You simply have to see our in-cell melting solutions. They’re the future of high-end, super-efficient aluminum production. We’re also making great strides in tackling one of the biggest challenges in our industry: energy use. Energy efficiency is in our technology’s DNA. We invite foundries of all sizes to come and discover just how much we can do today and hear what’s in the pipeline."

Peter Reuther, Senior Vice President at StrikoWestofen

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Casting: New adventures in green sand

“Faster, higher, stronger – green sand molding of aluminum has come a long way. Today, it can produce high-quality aluminum castings with all the advantages of the automated green sand process: low cost per casting, high volumes, high speed. Talk to our team of experts to discover what’s possible.”

Ulla Tønnesen, President at DISA


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IIoT: AI-powered perfection

“A modern alu foundry runs on molten aluminum, energy - and data. Data-driven process optimization boosts productivity, profitability and sustainability. Our IIoT platform Monitizer is made for complex foundry processes and can handle data from any equipment across the line. AI-powered tools then slash scrap, maximize quality, find production headroom, prevent downtime. Let us show you what we can do.”  

Nina Rasmussen, SVP, Head of Monitizer

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“We’re at the beginning of a new era for aluminum. There’s opportunity in all parts of the value chain, with new end products and new demand emerging fast. What we’re taking to EUROGUSS is the tech you need to make the most of this unique moment of opportunity. Whether you’re a green sand foundry pivoting to alu or a die caster scaling for the EV boom. Whatever your challenge, whatever your size, we can unlock growth for you."

Peter Holm Larsen, President of Norican Aluminum

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