Our businesses: one global Norican family

Our businesses develop technology that sits at the heart of industry across the globe. Each one has its own long track-record of pushing the boundaries of efficiency, quality and sustainability in its customer industries.

From melting aluminium with dramatically less energy, through to tackling scrap in foundries with artificial intelligence.

DISA logo

Since inventing vertical molding in the 1960s, DISA has continued to deliver step changes in green sand foundry technology. Its product portfolio today encompasses all types of molding machines, as well as sand mixers, coolers and accessories, backed up by aftermarket and service support.

Broadening access to high-efficiency, high-performance and sustainable foundry equipment has been an important mission for DISA throughout the decades. Today, this includes putting advanced digital technology within the reach of any foundry, anywhere.

ItalPresseGauss develops advanced low-pressure, high-pressure and gravity die casting machines for aluminium and other light metals. Since the 1970s, the business has been at the forefront of die casting automation, delivering the tightly integrated cells needed in high-performance production.

Today, ItalPresseGauss’ technology is a key enabler of the global shift to aluminium, driven by the transition to e-mobility, a need for ever larger structural aluminium parts and general light-weighting trends.
Simpson transparent logo

In October 2022, Norican announced the latest addition to its family of brands by welcoming SIMPSON! The leading experts in sand mixing, cooling, handling, reclamation, and analysis, SIMPSON joined the group as a new technology brand and will greatly strengthen our capabilities.

The company, founded in in 1912, is now an 110-year-old business specializing in the design and production of advanced process technologies and services for the global metal casting and chemical process industries. 


Monitizer transparent logo

All our brands use digital technology to enhance processes, improve customer operations and transform production. To do this, experts from our tech centres work closely with the Monitizer Digital Lab, our dedicated centre for digital development.

Based in Munich, Monitizer Digital acts as a shared resource across our group, pooling specialist knowledge, vetting emerging digital technologies and evolving our digital infrastructure and foundation technology, including our Monitizer IIoT platform.

StrikoWestofen Logo

StrikoWestofen has been innovating in furnace technology since the 1950s. The business designs, makes and looks after melting, holding and dosing furnaces for use in light metal foundries and die casting operations.

Today, StrikoWestofen is synonymous with foundry efficiency. A rigorous focus on reducing energy use and metal loss while improving casting quality has resulted in the most energy-efficient furnaces in the industry.
Wheelabrator Logo

Wheelabrator has been designing and manufacturing shot blast equipment for over 100 years: from inventing a new machine type (the wheel blast machine) that is still frequently called simply ‘the Wheelabrator’ through to developing high-spec airblast peening processes for aircraft wings.

Wheelabrator machines are famous for their exceptionally long operating life, which is further extended by comprehensive aftermarket and upgrade offerings that can bring the latest tech offerings to a decades-old machine.

Our aluminium foundry

Optimise your aluminium foundry by understanding how our equipment, our innovative services and our digital solutions can be used to improve and advance your business. 

In recent years, we've seen the use of aluminium soar. It's lightweight, it's great for automotive, it provides solutions for e-mobility and for 5G technology, among others. At the same time, society seems to demand it more thanks to its recycling qualities and the general ongoing rejection of plastics.

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Our global network

Our locations around the world mean we are close to our customers wherever they are. Our manufacturing centres in strategic locations in Europe, North America, India and China deliver equipment and parts locally, fast.

Our technology centers and testing facilities drive innovation for our customers, while a global network of engineering experts and local service teams ensures our customers’ production always runs at its best. 

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