Taking action, taking the lead

We want to leave the planet in a better condition than we found it in. For us ‘better’ has many dimensions. It’s about sustainability and safeguarding our planet for future generations, but it’s also about health and working conditions, about protecting and supporting the communities we live, work and operate in, and about finding smarter, less wasteful, more efficient ways of doing things.

This means driving change within our own business every day. But, through our role as influencers and leaders, as customers and technology suppliers, we can also effect positive change beyond our organisation.

We can contribute towards a better world, so we will. Because it is the right thing to do.

Norican's Executive team signed its SBTi commitment letter in 2021 - the first amongst our peers.

Read the SBTi Commitment Letter

The growth in aluminium usage is its advantages in recyclability and waste reduction.

The Aluminium Opportunity

Committing to science-based targets

As the first among our peers, we have committed to setting ambitious emissions reduction targets under the Science-Based Targets initiative. We’ll be developing our targets in 2022 and start tracking our performance against them in 2023. Read more here

Giving back to our communities

We look after and give back to the communities we’re part of around the world. From supporting local charities to sponsoring students, we want to make a difference on our doorsteps and beyond. Read more here.

Helping you run more sustainably

Our five brands have long been working with and for our customers to embed sustainability in our machines, processes and solutions. 

Find out more about sustainability at DISAsustainability at ItalPresseGausssustainability at StrikoWestofen; and sustainability at Wheelabrator.


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