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Environmental Policy

Norican Group is committed to:

• Protect the environment by preventing, manage and utilize resources effectively and limit environmental impact of activities in our business units.

• Comply with all applicable environmental legislation and regulations and communicate openly with our customers, employees, and stakeholders and with the environmental

• Implementing environmental alertness by looking at a life cycle approach in developing and execution of our operations, products, and services.

• Continuous improvement of environmental standards by having established an environmental management system compliant with ISO 14001:2015 in all major trading units.

• ISO 14001 Management systems in our business units must be certified by an accredited third party.

• Ensure that more detailed policies with commitments to reduction of waste, energy consumption, water consumption and air pollution of surroundings are defined in policies for our major trading entities.

The policy shall be regularly reviewed to ensure that it is current and reflects the changes in the nature and demands of our business.

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Energy Reduction Policy

Norican Group is committed - as part of its Environmental Policy - to reduce the consumption of natural resources through reviews of, and improvements to, building services and structures and to raise environmental awareness amongst all employees.

This Energy Reduction Policy is consistent with these aims.

Norican Group is committed to the policy of effective and efficient use of natural resources in order to provide suitable working conditions for all employees in both manufacturing and administrative areas. This commitment is complementary with the aim of minimising operating costs and the effect of its operations on the local and global environment.

The aims of this policy are:
• To reduce the overall use of energy and water and thereby minimise the Norican’s Group contribution to atmospheric pollution.

• To maintain all building stock in good order to ensure that all existing manufacturing plant and equipment, heating, lighting, and air conditioning is operating at maximum efficiency. When plant is replaced, preference will be given to the most efficient type available where this can be demonstrated to be economically viable.

• To encourage a responsible attitude towards energy use amongst all employees.

• To ensure that building stock has an internal environment that is adequately heated, ventilated and lit at minimum environmental impact and financial cost.

The means of implementing the policy will be through a range of internal procedures that will be applied by Senior Managers, Line Managers and Supervisors.

The policy shall be regularly reviewed to ensure that it is current and reflects the changes in the nature and demands of our business.