Our Businesses:

Norican Group | DISA

Casting and Moulding Experts

End-to-end green sand foundry equipment for the bright world of metals.

Norican Group | ItalPresseGauss

Leading Die Casting Manufacturer

High pressure, gravity and low pressure die casting machines, automatic work cells for light alloy casting.

Norican Group | Simpson

Experts in Sand Preparation

Leading experts in sand preparation, cooling, reclamation and testing.

Norican Group | Monitizer

Turning Real-Time Data Into Valuable Insights

Monitizer's smart Industry 4.0 technologies capture real-time production data and turn it into valuable insights.

Norican Group | StrikoWestofen

Experts in High-End Furnace Technology

High-end furnace technology for the global light metal casting industry.

Norican Group | Wheelabrator

Leading Provider of Surface Preparation

Shot blasting, shot peening and surface preparation solutions.

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