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Visit us on booth 272, Hall 7

From 8 to 10 June 2022, Nürnberg, Germany

Solutions for leaner, greener die casting 

Sustainable production is one of the die casting industry’s biggest challenges. Given soaring energy costs, raw material shortages and end-customer carbon efficiency targets, now often reflected in their supplier selection process, achieving it makes both environmental and business sense. 

ItalPresseGauss and StrikoWestofen will be helping aluminium foundries answer one simple question – ‘how can I make my high-quality casting processes more energy and resource efficient?’

Virtual equipment displays, animations, live demonstrations and expert technicians from ItalPresseGauss and StrikoWestofen will bring this crucial topic to life and show how sustainability and profitability can go hand-in-hand.

Whether the immediate challenge is melting metal and casting larger, lighter parts in line with the global shift towards electric vehicles, or simply finding ways to save energy without compromising quality, visitors to the stand will find their answer.


High pressure die casting machines and gravity die casting of aluminum and magnesium.


High-end furnace technology for the global light metal casting industry.


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