Why choose green sand for aluminium? Cost, quality, speed, and flexibility.

Interview with Dr Per Larsen, Innovation Manager at DISA, and Eren Koc, Area Sales Manager at DISA.

Per and Eren, thanks for joining us today. Many people will be surprised to find a green sand moulding specialist at EUROGUSS. Could you explain why DISA is attending this light metal event for the first time?

Eren: If you are die-casting aluminium today, why should you even come and talk to DISA at EUROGUSS? It’s simple. Because, with DISA’s green sand equipment, you can produce many types of aluminium casting with the required quality, and at low cost!  
Green sand is not suitable for all aluminium castings, sure, but it’s a good choice for many applications. Green sand has lots of advantages and they all add up to the low cost for an on-specification casting. 

Per: Green sand is a proven process and technology for aluminium castings, it’s already used in many sectors from automotive and electronics to energy. We have over 15 machines running aluminium in the US alone and there are hundreds of foundries globally producing aluminium castings in green sand. It’s a low cost, fast, flexible, low manpower way to cast aluminium.


When so many US foundries are already casting aluminium in green sand, why do you think European light metal foundries often ignore green sand’s potential?

Do you have any numbers that show these low costs and great flexibility?

Per: Green sand’s tooling costs can be around €40,000 for a tool steel (750x535mm) pattern. Such a tool will have a minimum lifetime of 300,000 cycles. This makes tooling costs less than €0.14 per cycle. For prototyping, where you only need a short tooling lifetime, low-cost tools can be made in material like plastic blocks, aluminium or woods. In this case, tooling cost will be around €5-10,000. This makes prototyping fast, cheap, and easy, with a very short time from CAD to prototype.

Producing aluminium castings in green sand offers short cycle times, typically from 100 to 300 cycles per hour. Given that it takes three minutes or less to change a pattern on a DISA line, short runs are also efficiently produced.

Any final thoughts on why EUROGUSS visitors should stop by the booth?

Eren: As we said earlier, green sand is not the answer to all aluminium casting challenges, but it does have distinct benefits. Green sand’s combination of cost, quality and speed can seriously increase your competitive advantage when casting a wide range of aluminium parts.

DISA is the green sand technology leader and the best choice for green sand moulding for aluminium.  

We’ll have lots of aluminium information, case studies and casting examples on our EUROGUSS stand. Take ten minutes to talk to one of our experts and you’ll quickly find out whether your castings can benefit or not. Or you can contact them right now: