Our impact at Euroguss 2024 goes beyond big things—it includes the little things too.

Sustainability in industry is about big ambitions, bold targets and accountability. But it’s also about living and breathing more sustainable practices every day. The little things.

At Norican, we’re acutely aware of this. We help our customers operate more sustainably, by advancing equipment, digital and service technology that saves energy and resources. Meanwhile, our sustainability ambassadors and fellow “Noricans” around the world find and share better, more sustainable ways of doing things every day. From installing solar panels to going paperless, from running a waste-free canteen to reducing travel.

We wanted our presence at Euroguss 2024 to reflect this ethos. And we think it does. Here are some of the big…and little…things we’re doing.

Technology, transport and transferable assets

Instead of contributing to a significant transport footprint by bringing our machines to Euroguss, we've opted for virtual displays to provide visitors with an immersive experience.

Our stand elements are designed for longevity, aligning with our commitment to saying 'no' to single-use plastics and single-use assets in our offices worldwide.

“Across our APAC workforce we’ve already been able to collect around 150 ideas for sustainability initiatives. Some need time to implement, but others we are introducing immediately – for example installing a solar panel on the roof of our Changjiang workshop to achieve a 329t annual emission reduction”.

Robert Li, VP Strategic Development & HR from Asia Pacific

Spreading the word

In our sustainability area, we’ll have interactive activities to help spread the word about this important topic. From a virtual foundry solutions tour tailored to match the different ways foundries and die casters might be approaching the subject, to a quiz designed to test visitors’ knowledge (and perhaps reveal some surprising stats!). 

What you can do

We’ll have information at Euroguss about why we’ve committed to Science Based Targets Initiative. And if you think your foundry would benefit, we’ll have experts on hand to talk to you about what’s involved and how we could help you meet targets. And, of course, representatives from Strikowestrofen, DISA, ItalpresseGauss, and Monitizer will all be ready to support you with specific solutions to match your goals – from cutting your gas consumption to solving scrap issue.

We look forward to seeing you there. And to taking action, taking the lead…with you.

HALL 7, Stand 7-278