Putting people at the heart of our sustainability strategy

We’re championing change from within

At Norican we take sustainability very seriously. All of our brands; DISA, ItalPresseGauss, StrikoWestofen and Wheelabrator have committed to science-based targets (SBTs). This means we’ve formally agreed to set emissions and net-zero targets in line with those climate science deems necessary to limit global warming to less than 2⁰C, and to pursue the more ambitious target of 1.5⁰C.

Our ambition is to reduce greenhouse gas emission by over 50% by 2023.

This means looking at everything we do, from the suppliers we use and how we build our solutions, through to how those solutions are stored, shipped and subsequently used.

It also means engaging with every member of #TeamNorican to hear their ideas - no matter how big or small – on changes that could help support our objectives.

To do this, we’ve launched a sustainability ambassador program to champion change from within.

Across Norican, ambassadors have been appointed in a range of different departments to engage colleagues, collect ideas, and work with sustainability leaders to implement initiatives. Ideas could range from cutting out single use plastics or ordering bio-degradable office supplies to looking at heat recovery opportunities in our manufacturing facilities.

We’re welcoming all suggestions. We’re also planting a tree for each idea submitted.

This development is no gimmick. It’s a way to make sure sustainability becomes a way of life for all who work across the wider Norican family. Wherever they are in the world. Because the only way to truly evolve a business is to involve the people who make it. At all levels.

The changes our ambassadors will help us implement will add up. Which isn’t just good news for the planet. It’s good news for our customers under increasing pressure to prove the sustainability of their supply chain.

When it comes to sustainability, we’re not just talking targets. We’re taking action.


Get in touch for feedback or ideas. Every contribution matters: