Norican Partners with Shanxi Huaxiang for a Win-win Future

Norican Group and Shanxi Huaxiang Group Co., Ltd. recently entered into a strategic cooperation agreement, marking a new stage of their partnership.

According to this agreement, Norican will empower Huaxiang to expand overseas markets, by making the most of its strengths and global resources and providing Huaxiang with its state-of-the-art technologies and products, including moulding lines, sand plants, shot blast machines, dust collectors and digital solutions. Both parties will continue to work together in going digital, setting the SBTi goals, and developing sustainably. 

With strong expertise in metal casting, Norican is expected to help Huaxiang build its global presence, enhance its competencies, and achieve market expansion, thus contributing to the high-quality development of the foundry industry.

Specializing in metal forming and precision processing, Huaxiang with a whole industry chain perspective and a global business vision as well, with its products spanning three major industries, i.e., white goods, construction machinery, and automobiles. In response to the light-weighting trend in the automotive industry, Huaxiang has been more focused on the auto parts market in recent years, and gradually becomes the leader of the subdivided industries. 

The partnership between Norican and Huaxiang is really long-standing. Back in 2,000, Huaxiang purchased the very first DISA equipment, and today 11 DISA moulding lines are operating in Huaxiangs facilities. In 2020, Huaxiang chose to use some digital tool from Norican. In 2021, Huaxiang was the first foundry in the Asia Pacific region to use DISA TAG. 
Looking at the global automotive industry, Huaxiang sees that safety, low carbon, and environmental protection represent inevitable trends, and light-weighting is at the core of development. Huaxiang takes this opportunity and delves into the field of auto parts by actively exploring the production of aluminum and other light metal castings. The Norican brands - DISA, ItalPresseGauss, StrikoWestofen, and Wheelabrator - offer industry-leading technologies and solutions for green sand casting, gravity and low-pressure die-casting, which Huaxiang needs to act as a leader in the auto parts industry.

In addition to its advantageous products, Norican is also a pioneer or leader in terms of SBTi. The four brands mentioned above signed a letter of commitment in 2022, aiming to work with SBTi to set their long-term emission reduction goals for Net Zero emission by 2050. Actually Norican is one of the 2,200 companies around the globe that have developed the SBTi certified Net Zero emission goal, and the very first one in the casting equipment industry that has done the same. Facing green, sustainable casting, Norican will provide Huaxiang with innovative, flexible, high-performing solutions that allow for best possible casting processes.

“As the global casting industry continues to update and transform, green, smart manufacturing becomes a must-have,” said Anders Wilhjelm, President and CEO of Norican Group. As a benchmark company among the industry, Huaxiang is determined to build a strong global presence. At Norican we are committed to green, sustainable casting, and our brands are well positioned to provide Huaxiang with innovative, premium quality solutions that are engineered to accelerate its global strategy for a shared future with the global casting industry.”