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GIFA 2019: 9 reasons to bring out the big gong

Nine customers have signed contracts for large equipment purchases at GIFA 2019 from Norican brands, including six moulding lines, four melting or dosing furnaces and three high-pressure die-casting machines.

We were delighted to welcome representatives from AGVS, Aquasub India, Huicheng Foundry, Katsuri, Korres India, Leda, Supercraft Foundry India and Unifoundry to the Norican stand for signing ceremonies and celebratory glasses of champagne.

Among the signings were a couple of unusual equipment purchases and several ‘firsts’:

  • AGVS bought its third StrikoMelter for its aluminium sand casting operations in Villingen, Germany (the vast majority of StrikoWestofen customers are in die casting).
  • Huicheng Foundry from China bought three Italpresse Gauss die-casting machines, the first sold in China to a Chinese customer; one of the machines is also the first Italpresse equipment to be manufactured locally in China. More on this here
  • TMB from Italy bought three dosing furnaces, bringing the total number of StrikoWestofen furnaces in TMB to 37!
  • Aquasub from India has completed its set of DISA moulding lines by signing the contract for a DISAMATIC D3. It already has DISA ARPA, DISA FLEX, DISA MATCH and DISAMATIC C3 moulding lines as well as DISA sand plants and dust collectors. 
  • Unifoundry bought the first ever DISAMATIC C3 moulding line in Thailand.

We thank the representatives of all nine customers for joining us at our GIFA stand for the signing ceremonies and look forward to many more years of collaboration.