Our team of experts: Bringing together technical expertise and digital know-how

Digital technology can transform industry. It can unlock new potential for improvement, unearth new insights, boost sustainable production, provide never-before-seen transparency and traceability. However, in our customers’ industries, digital generalists quickly reach their limits.

To build meaningful digital solutions that have a genuine impact on performance, you need a deep understanding of the technical processes you are looking to improve – as well as digital know-how.

Our Digital Lab combines both. Based in Munich, it provides a central global resource for the latest in digital tech, and works closely with technical experts at our four brands to apply digital technology to the right customer challenges, in the right way.

Meet the team

The Norican Digital Lab team in Munich is headed up by Nina Dybdal Rasmussen, who started out at DISA and has long been one of the digital pioneers within Norican Group.

Rahul Prasad is Head of AI and IoT at the Digital Lab and, together with a team of IoT developers, ensures whatever we do reflects the state of the art and latest thinking.

Daniel Häger and Yunus Akyürek are Customer Success Managers and they are together with their regional counterparts, looking after product development and customers projects with our four brands.

It's an agile, fast-moving team with a hierarchy-free, start-up culture, working with an international network of experts and engineers to develop industrial IoT products that shape the digital future of industry.

Our AI partner

We know moulding, die casting, melting, shot-blasting - and how to use digital to make those processes better. DataProphet really know AI.

Our industry-exclusive partnership with DataProphet, a global leader in artificial intelligence for manufacturing, gives us and the Digital Lab team access to a wealth of expertise in machine learning, as well as a fruitful and fast way of developing proven solutions to our customers’ challenges.

Our Monitizer | DISCOVER and Monitizer | PRESCRIBE solutions are the highly successful results of an incredibly close working relationship.

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