Monitizer® – fast forward to Industry 4.0

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Ambitious foundries are on a digital journey through Industry 4.0. Some are far ahead. Many are just starting out on their digital transformation.We are here to help them all accelerate into their future

Flexible and scalable, the modular Monitizer suite of products builds on our NoriGate IIoT gateway that acquires data from any machine or sensor – not just Norican’s. Whether you’re casting iron or melting aluminium, Monitizer fits your process.

Start by collecting and storing data centrally, then Monitizer’s easy-to-use, browser-based interface opens up access to reliable historical and real-time information.

With a complete digital view of your foundry operation, troubleshooting problems becomes faster and easier. As you learn from the data and enhance your processes, casting quality, uptime and productivity all increase.

Norican helps you every step of the way, from plugging in the first machine to automated process analysis and optimisation.

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High-end furnace technology

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Die Casting

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Shot blasting, shot peening and surface preparation

Make your blast equipment ready for the digital age.

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