Equipment Modernisation Projects and packages (EMP) from Norican

Norican's knowledge and experience not only allows us to restore your equipment to its original operational state but to also make significant improvements to enable you to become more profitable through the introduction of new technology.
Our engineers spend time to understand your challenges and provide the latest technology solutions to upgrade and modernise your equipment so that you can meet your customers' needs whilst cost effectively extending the lifespan of your current investment.

We offer Equipment Modernisation Projects, which involve a complete machine overhaul, and Equipment Modernisation Packages, assemblies/parts that can be retrofitted or swapped onto your machine to upgrade a specific section or function of a machine.

Increase Productivity, Improve Quality, Improve Resource Control - reduce labour, reduce energy, reduce cost.

Benefits of EMPs:

  • Increase machine uptime and reliability
  • Reduce cycle time
  • Achieve a higher quality standard, reduce scrap
  • Improve cost/performance ratio
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Reduce machine wear
  • Decrease operational risks
  • Increase health, safety and noise levels
  • Meet new legislation

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