Visit us on booth 414

From 28 to 30 September 2022, Monterrey, Mexico

Talk with one of our engineers or maintenance professionals on ways to save energy and eliminate waste using a complete aluminum foundry. Whether using ItalPresseGauss' automated work cells with StrikoWestofen's Westomat dosing furnace, or using DISA moulding machines and Norican's digital solutions, your perfect aluminum or green sand process must finish with Wheelabrator's state-of-the-art surface preparation and cleaning operations. These solutions are guaranteed to decrease energy use and waste. 

DISA MATCH 14/19 & 16/20

At booth 414 you can hear more about our new DISA MATCH 14/19 or DISA MATCH 16/20 

ItalpresseGauss TF5700

Start thinking big with the TF5700 from ItalPresseGauss. The new fully digitally enabled High Pressure Die Casting Machine is perfect for smarter foundries and deliver more massive closing forces in a leaner shape. Maximize benefits and Minimize footprints.

StrikoWestofen StrikoMelter

Learn how the industry standard for aluminum melting can save your foundry energy and money.

Wheelabrator CT Tumblast Machine

Are you looking for a new Tumblast Machine? Booth 414 has the machine of your dreams. Wheelabrator's Continuous Through-Feed Tumblast Machine automates production sequences and improves the work environment.