We've seen the use of Aluminium usage soar in recent years due to lightweighting in automotive and the rise of e-mobility, advances in 5G technology and growing societal demands for improved recyclability and widespread rejection of plastics.

Understanding how equipment, innovative services and digital solutions can be used to improve, and connectedly advance, operations is the foundation of your business.

Get it right and the opportunity to improve productivity and gain competitive advantage, even during times of uncertainty, is there for the taking. This comprehensive guide is about ‘getting it right’.

It is designed to help aluminium die casting foundries flourish by looking at how different technologies and solutions can be used individually and together to optimise production at every stage to eliminate waste, improve quality and maximize efficiency through seamless integration. 

The aluminium opportunity

Mega trends, from lightweighting in automotive, the rise of e-mobility, and advances in 5G technology, to growing societal demands for improved recyclability and widespread rejection of plastics, have all set a global sustainability backdrop which has seen aluminium usage soar.


精准化生产往往需要更少的机械加工和更少的材料浪费 – 铝的属性(包括延展性)特别适合利用此优势来提高原材料的效率。


铸铝通常会消耗大量资源和能源。能耗相关成本占到了压铸件总成本的 25% 左右。





  1. 对大型的复杂结构铝部件的需求增加

    复杂结构件必须为“零缺陷”才能够满足更高的机械性能要求,在尽可能降低重量的同时还要具备所需的强度和刚性。但是它们同时也带来了实际挑战。例如,为了适应熔炼炉而必须手动切割材料块来再熔化,这可能会浪费时间和人力。解决这一问题是史杰克西的 BigStruc 背后的主要推动力之一 – 一款专门用于结构件的熔炼炉。

  2. 更短的开发周期和快速的技术更替


  3. 可持续生产

    可持续生产不仅仅是要削减能耗和成本。可持续生产还意味着消除威胁长期生产的因素 – 计划外和不必要的停机时间属于此类因素。铸造厂需要关注零浪费解决方案,以优化正常运行时间,让生产在一开始即进入正轨。


在诺瑞肯以及我们的四个技术品牌中,我们可以全面了解从熔炼到清理的整个工序过程 – 进而开发出创新技术和解决方案,来帮助客户实现零浪费和零缺陷的理想,并应对这些挑战。






Melting aluminium is extremely energy intensive. The melt-shop alone can account for as much as 77% of the overall energy consumption in a die casting foundry.

It is also a process prone to metal loss. Depending on the aluminium alloy in question, a metal loss of just 1% of an annual melting output of 5,000 metric tons leads to a financial loss of approximately $85,000 USD.

Adopting more energy efficient technologies, automated systems which make production more agile and less reliant on manual intervention, and solutions specially designed to maximize metal yield, therefore offers a significant opportunity to save huge amounts of energy and money.

能源消耗率仅为 489 kWh/t,高质量金属收益 (99.75) 接近 100%,StrikoMelter 是市场上最高效的熔炼炉。 

史杰克西的非全载运行效率控制系统通过在较长的周期时优化熔炼和保温来提高熔炼过程的效率,尤其是在低利用率的情况下,能耗因而可降低多达 20%。 



Monitizer | Refill Monitor:史杰克西的这一数字化解决方案使用实时的传感器生成的数据来确保铝定量炉永远不会缺少铝液,而且只能在正确的时间接收正确的合金。这样可以防止不必要的填充,避免出现停机现象,并确保定量和取汤设备始终满负荷运行。 

金属供应生产率至少会提高 15%,平均起来,由于减少了停机时间和优化了填充周期,总体生产率将提高 0.5% -1%。正常运行时间更长、精确性更高、生产利润显著增加。 

Dosing you can depend on: swapping risk for reliability

The next task is to mitigate risks that may occur during the dosing process itself. There are many factors which can hamper this important stage. For example, delivering ‘high quality aluminium’ can be put at risk by oxides entering the melt during the dosing process – a common issue with pumpbased systems. This can lead to metal loss and undesirable scrap rates. As can temperature fluctuations. Even slight variations can impact melt flow characteristics, dosing precision and mould filling. Selecting a ladle-free (crucible-free) pressure-controlled riser tube-based dosing furnace which takes liquid metal from below the bath surface helps avoid the risk of metal contamination and the associated quality implications, while also saving energy.

StrikoWestofen’s Westomat crucible-free dosing furnace uses just one-third of the energy required by a classic ladle system, limits metal loss to just 0.06%, eliminates temperature fluctuations and has a 98% availability rate due to minimal maintenance requirements and durability.



零浪费、零缺陷不仅仅是让熔炼车间受益的一句口号。对于高需求量的更加庞大,更加复杂的结构部件,要应对新一波的生产,具有更大锁模力的高压压铸机 (HPDC) 是必不可少的,其规格从低端的 3500 吨到 5600 吨不等。如果需要额外的空间来容纳这些庞然大物,这可能会影响生产流程/产能;所浪费的空间可能等效于潜在的损失。而且,此类设备需要具有非常紧密的模具闭合,以消除废品和可避免的溢料,进而实现高质量的稳定性生产(零缺陷)。


意特佩雷斯高斯提供设计紧凑的无曲拐高压压铸设备,其具有坚固、紧密的闭合装置和各个等级的锁模力 – 具有更大的力量和更大的模板这两项优点,而且无需占用铸造车间的额外空间。

Consider fully automated cells

Saving precious space while boosting productivity and production flexibility is also desirable to cope with the sheer diversity of parts now sought in aluminium. It’s a challenge well-met by fully automated solutions employing high pressure, low pressure and gravity die casting technologies.

As well as tightly coupling the dosing, injection and casting extraction process, casting cell automation can be extended to handle ancillary tasks like metal pouring, die lube spraying, liner insertion, part extraction and marking – all depending on specific needs.

Together with the opportunities presented by sophisticated digital monitoring and process optimising solutions (see Section 4) this end-to-end approach can make aluminium die casting faster while at the same time eliminating scope for error.


意特佩雷斯高斯的自动化工作单元旨在优化循环时间和稳定性,从而提高铸件质量、减少能源浪费,并能够无缝集成史杰克西的 Westomat 定量炉等周边设备。 

与保温炉相比,Westomat 的能耗仅为自动给汤系统的三分之一,同时还可以将金属损耗低约 80%。



我们的所有铸铝解决方案和服务都严格遵照零浪费、零缺陷思想,不仅针对单一设备,诺瑞肯整体铸造解决方案也一样。这包括高性能的迪砂潮模砂选项 – 他们已将“零缺陷制造”采纳为基本准则。




空间最大化,停机时间最小化,同时借助为铝部件的精密抛丸、去氧化皮/去毛刺、去飞边和铸铝件相关清理而定制的创新工程技术 – 使成品工件质量得到优化。


利用工业 4.0

Industry 4.0 and IIoT technologies offer a fresh opportunity to collect and synchronise data from multiple sources in order to achieve a complete view of foundry operations, and subsequently orchestrate foundry processes to work in perfect harmony to supercharge productivity.




工业 4.0 和 IIoT 技术能够为您提供“大局图”。它们为收集同步数据和建立透明的铸造视图提供了新机会,可以协调所有铸造过程来协调一致地工作。


Monitizer - 将数据转化为价值

在诺瑞肯,我们已经考虑了这一观点。借助 NoriGate 技术和 Monitizer 基于云的解决方案,您可以根据您设置的 KPI 从任何位置对铝生产的每个元素的实时数据(无论是来自单个铸造厂还是工厂网络)进行集中分析和测量。




On site or multi-site monitoring

Using the data collected aluminium foundries can then visualise and analyse the data to gain a real time understanding of vital processes and key performance levels – making comparisons between different machines, casting cells, and foundry sites, possible. It also makes informed decision making for intervening and implementing improvements, practical.

NoriGate technology and our Monitizer cloud-based solutions, mean that real time data from every element of your aluminium operations (whether from a single foundry or a network of sites) can be centrally analysed and measured against KPIs set by you, from any location. In other words, the right people will have the right information they need to make the right decisions at any given moment.

Automating improvements that drive up profitability

With AI-enabled analytics and automated process control solutions, aluminium foundries also have the ability to take their digital journey one step further. Such solutions enable real-time, continuous monitoring and automatic process corrections to take place before potential issues have a chance to develop. In other words, the whole aluminium casting process can be continually optimised for maintaining high quality standard and productivity levels.

Monitizer® | PRESCRIBE harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to optimise your entire foundry process to reduce scrap and increase profit. It finds the set-up that delivers the highest yield and most stable production, then keeps your whole line in that “sweet spot” with real-time advice on process parameters.

Digital tools like this are here to help aluminium foundries eliminate defects, dramatically cut scrap and minimize downtime. All thanks to the one thing all foundries already have in abundance. Data. It’s just a matter of unlocking its full potential.