2023 CSR Initiatives

2023, DISA India commits to plant 1000 trees

January 2023, India

India started off 2023 on the right foot by committing to sustainable action. They signed a contract with a partner company to plant 1,000 trees in an especially developed green zone near Bengaluru, thus underlining how important environmental action is for Norican.

strikowestofen water bottle

February 2023, Wiehl, Germany

As part of the implementation of our sustainability goals, last September StrikoWestofen's HQ in Wiehl, installed a water dispenser with easy access for all employees.

In February 2023, the management provided bespoke water bottles to all colleagues so that the water dispenser can be used diligently.


February 2023, Tumkur, India

In recognition of the best employees of the year, Norican India held a day's celebrations for employees with their families, to honor the most 'Exceptional Team', as well as the best 'Individual Contributors' from 2022. 

60 awards were presented in a variety of categories, with highlight the 'Business Unit of the year' which was awarded to DISA business. 



March 2023, Altrincham, UK

In March 2023, to coincide with World Recycling Day, the IT team in Altrincham, UK worked with a local company to responsibly dispose of and recycle electronic equipment. Monitors, keyboards, laptops, printers and PC's: altogether, more than 100 electronic items were recycled or responsibly disposed of.