2021 CSR Initiatives


Following the initial pandemic lockdowns, our UK teams extended home office working to significantly reduce commuting by car, a major contributor to the transport-related carbon footprint in the Greater Manchester, Birmingham and Greater London areas.

It also improves our people's work/life balance and wellbeing.


In 2021, the Wheelabrator Spain team donated old computers, screens and keyboards to non-governmental aid organisation NASCO, whose 'Feed the Mind' project supports digital literacy in Africa, by supplying computers to classrooms.

Germany (Gummersbach)

The StrikoWestofen team installed an electric vehicle charging hub that employees can use to charge their cars for free.


Germany (Metelen)

In October 2021, we broke ground for our new Wheelabrator offices and innovation centre in Metelen, Germany – providing a modern working environment for our people, as well as reducing the energy

footprint of our facility.


The IT team in Taastrup started a project to make our IT provision more sustainable, including closely monitoring the temperature in our server rooms and raising them to save energy for cooling, wherever the specifications for our server equipment allow it.

The team is also reviewing equipment and server use to optimise for energy performance.

India Disamatic Scholarship CSR


Every year, the DISA India team provides financial assistance to less privileged students under the NORICAN scholarship programme.

In 2021, it supported 410 students in eight educational institutions near our plants in Tumkur and Hosakote.

The team also invested in infrastructure for local schools, providing drinking water, teaching aids and school sanitation.

Milk walk Norican China CSR


In May 2021, our team in Changzhou, China, took part in the 'Walk for Milk' organised by the Changzhou Charity Association, raising money to support a range of local welfare initiatives for children.


In December 2021, our Americas HQ in Georgia, US, sponsored a 'hole' at a charity golf event near our US facility in Georgia, raising money for The Lady Bamford Center.

The centre provides education and social skills development to children up to five years of age and offers priority admission to children from homeless and low-income families, as well as children with physical, mental or emotional challenges.