The Complete Foundry

Foundry Processes

Norican is home to leading equipment brands DISA, ItalPresseGauss, Monitizer, Simpson, StrikoWestofen and Wheelabrator. 

Together, our technologies form two complete, connected foundry processes: die casting and green sand. 

This gives us a unique understanding of your whole operation, and the ability to connect, control and improve your production for the very best quality, profitability and sustainability.

We can deliver your whole foundry line end-to-end, with every piece of equipment working in perfect harmony. Or we can simply help you get the most out of the component parts you’ve got.

Our experts’ horizons stretch beyond individual pieces of equipment. They see the bigger picture, enabling them to find better solutions and improve whole-line effectiveness.

From mixing, melting and dosing to shot blasting and digital process optimization, from the global benchmark in green-sand molding to the latest in giant die casting for large structural components, we’re here to make your foundry better. Today and tomorrow.