Norican Partners with Xinan for Digital Transformation and Sustainability of the Foundry Industry

Norican Group and Wuxi Xinan Technology Co., Ltd. recently held a strategic agreement signing ceremony at Norican’s Hanjiang facility, marking another milestone of collaboration between the two major players in the industry. According to this agreement, Norican will build upon its advantages and resources to provide Xinan with advanced technologies and products, such as integrated die-casting units, melting furnaces, dosing furnaces, shot blasting machines, dust removal systems, and digital products. In addition to close production and technology exchanges, the two companies will partner seamlessly in digital transformation, SBTi goals and sustainability. With extensive experiences and practices, Norican will empower Xinan to drive its carbon reduction initiatives, thus enhancing its green competencies, while working together for digital transformation and sustainability of the foundry industry.

Attendees to the event included Gao Wei, Executive Vice President of China Foundry Association; Wei Baohua, Senior Vice President of Asia Pacific, Norican Group; Peter Holm Larsen, President of Norican Aluminum; Marco Gandini, Senior Vice President of Global Aluminium, Norican Group; Li Zhongliang, General Manager of Wuxi Xinan Technology Co., Ltd.; Gu Dengfeng, Vice General Manager of Wuxi Xinan Technology Co., Ltd., and many more.

Xinan is committed to R&D and production of lightweight aluminum auto parts, for example, turbocharger housings, which are provided to world-famous components manufacturers. In response to the rapid development of the new energy vehicle market, Xinan has increased its investments in recent years, focusing on research, development and production of precision aluminum housings for NEV drive and transmission systems. For premium quality and consistency of its products, Xinan is firmly determined to establish a closer partnership with Norican.

“I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for the trust, Xinan have in our group our technologies and solutions, and I promise we shall do our outmost to help Xinan in the product, technology and digital dimensions,” said Peter Holm Larsen, President of Norican Aluminum. “At Norican, we have a local strategy and global vision mindset, as well as strong values including teamwork, diversity and sustainability. Lately we have also committed ourselves to the Science Based targets and set up the goals we need to achieve as a company to reduce the CO2 footprint in the world. This goes without saying reducing our own emission but also focusing strongly on how we can help our customers to reduce their CO2 footprint.”

“We value our partnership with Xinan very much,” said Marco Gandini, Senior Vice President of Global Aluminium, Norican Group. “Following the signing of this strategic agreement, we will hopefully be able to support even better our Chinese customers with a local production in the Norican facility of Changzhou, where, thanks to a proven supply chain and manufacturing concept, we can supply worldwide standard quality equipment faster and closer to our customers.”


Going on a new journey after collaborating for several years

The collaboration between Norican and Xinan dates back in 2018. Since Day 1 as a customer of StrikoWestofen, Xinan has introduced melting furnaces from StrikoWestofen, shot blasting machines from Wheelabrator, and some other equipment. This lays a solid foundation for them to deepen their partnership. In their production process, for instance, Xinan perceives measurable benefits from StrikoWestofen melting furnaces over competitors - the use of natural gas per unit of melting volume is reduced by 20%, and there is no waste discharged, resulting in significant energy and cost savings while improving sustainability. This is really helpful in low-carbon transformation of the company.

In Xinan's view, Norican, as the world’s leading supplier of metal part moulding and surface treatment technology, has the professional capabilities and die-casting expertise to deliver the equipment that Xinan needs to consolidate its aluminum business, extend into the new energy vehicle market, enhance its technology and process capabilities, and adapt to the harsh needs of the macro market in the shortest possible time. In addition, Norican’s digital products provide the ability to pave the way for Xinan’s smart manufacturing by reducing the scrap rate, improving the output and efficiencies, allowing for sustainability, and thus empowering Xinan to transform digitally and grow with high quality.

Today, after two years of close communications and discussions, Xinan and Norican finally reached an agreement on how they should deepen their partnership. They will, based on their collaborative achievements of the previous stage, expand their cooperation in all aspects of aluminum business, such as intelligence, environmental protection and dust removal. Most important of all, Xinan will purchase the TF Smart Platform high pressure die-casting machines from ItalPresseGauss, as well as melting and dosing equipment, shot blasting machines, dust removal systems and digital products, aiming to further enhance its presence in manufacturing of aluminum auto parts.

 “The signing of this strategic agreement is expected to comprehensively deepen the cooperation between Norican and Xinan, and establish a stronger partnership based on mutual benefits, trust and sharing,” said Wei Baohua, Senior Vice President of Asia Pacific, Norican Group. “Moving forward, Norican will do whatever we can to help Xinan with its digital transformation, and continue to develop more sustainable products and solutions that more foundry companies need to embrace a digital and sustainable future.”

“The development of the foundry industry would be impossible without win-win cooperation. In the past, Norican’s technical support enabled us to gain improved production efficiencies,” said Li Zhongliang, General Manager of Wuxi Xinan Technology Co., Ltd. “In the future, we anticipate Norican’s digital solutions could create greater values for Xinan in terms of smart manufacturing and sustainable development, and enable us to grow with higher quality. We look forward to working with Norican to shape the future of the foundry industry.”