2022 Environment Review

As a technology and equipment provider to carbon-intensive industries around the world, we have the power to influence and shape those industries and help reduce their, and our, impact on the planet. As employers and citizens, we can make our world better every day. We take this role of influence seriously.

Our environmental, social and governance responsibilities are not add-ons, nice-to-haves or mere boxes to tick.  They are at the heart of all that we do.


First steps

We identified the impact of greenhouse gases (our supply chain, our customers, and our internal) as a risk to the environment which is why at the end of 2021, we committed to setting ambitious emissions reduction targets under the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

In November 2022, ahead of our deadline and following significant work to understand our footprint and baseline, we submitted our targets for validation to the SBTi. In addition to over 50% reduction by 2032 reduction target for Scope 1 & 2 emissions, throughout 2023 we will engage our supply chain and customers to reduce their emissions (Scope 3).

We have an environmental policy to manage resources effectively and limit the environmental impact of activities from our business units. In addition to this we have our energy reduction policy, it encourages a responsible attitude towards energy use amongst all our employees. They are communicated internally and externally on our website.


sbt definition Norican

  • 2022 saw the roll-out of our Sustainability Ambassador program, aimed at driving sustainability initiatives from the grassroots up. Sustainability Ambassadors report to the global leadership team and actions are shared and implemented globally and locally. Hundreds of ideas have been gathered and implemented already – from reducing plastic by switching to glass milk bottles to installing EV charging points.
  • Throughout 2023 we will build on greenhouse gas reduction activities which have already been implemented and continue to share best practice throughout our global locations.

  • We have embedded sustainability and energy efficiency objectives in all new product development and have trained sales teams and the supply chain to engage our whole value chain in driving more sustainable production.
  • All our digital technologies are geared towards helping our customers make quick progress in reducing energy consumption, waste, use of resources and travel.
  • All our locations around the world are, and will continue to be, encouraged to recycle and reduce waste. The canteen at our HQ in Denmark minimizes food waste by optimizing ingredient use and selling leftover meals to staff at the end of the day.
  • Equipment and consumables are reused and recycled or donated wherever possible, and we reuse all packaging materials when shipping between Norican sites. In 2022, all payslips in the UK were moved to a digital system to save paper.
  • We have clear guidelines to actively reduce travel; to limit business travel to instances where a clear need can be demonstrated. Not travelling is the default and we have invested in communication and collaboration tools to minimize travel requirements. We encourage people to cycle, carpool or use public transport to get to work when they need to and offer hybrid working where possible.

  • We have continued to invest in making our facilities more sustainable in 2022. This includes all-new, much more energy-efficient buildings in Metelen, Germany, and Tumkur, India, as well as initiatives to reduce the energy consumption and mix of existing facilities. For example, in Denmark, the solar panels on our HQ roof produced 42.000 kWh in 2022; in Slough, UK, we have changed all lighting to LED to save a significant amount of electricity.