New Inclined Belt Machine: Reduce part on part impact


NEW Inclined Belt Machine: Reduce part-on-part contact to cut scrap and increase profitability

Many castings such as brake drums, brake discs and wheel rims need to comply with stringent quality standards, making them vulnerable to shock in the surface preparation process. The Wheelabrator Inclined Belt Machine ensures shock-free transport while effectively exposing all surfaces to cleaning media, this reduces the cost per part by eliminating damage and waste, at the same time as improving the quality of the finish.

In surface treatment processes in which the movement of individual parts is not controlled, shock caused by contact between parts can damage surfaces. This, together with the inability to ensure consistent exposure to the blast medium and thus sufficient control of the finishing quality of individual parts, results in a higher than necessary scrap rate.

Individual treatment

Suitable for single part weights of between 5 and 75 kg, the Wheelabrator Inclined Belt Machine has enabled many automotive parts producers to benfit from quality improvements and cost savings by protecting sensitive metallic parts while increasing productivity. With individual treatment processes, parts can be designed to be thinner and lighter in order to achieve higher performance results.

The cooled parts are individually placed in a continuous line on the wear-resistant rubber belt of the Wheelabrator Inclined Belt Machine prior to entering the shot blast machine. The belt is tilted and carries the parts through the blasting machine one-by-one. The parts rotate continuously as they pass through to ensure even exposure to the blast medium and consistent finishing, even the ventilations (in ventilated disks) are treated at a high standard.

Higher productivity and throughput

In addition to the even exposure of every part to the cleaning medium, the gentle handling of parts by the Wheelabrator Inclined Belt Machine significantly reduces scrap caused by shock.

Consistent quality, process security and traceability

The transportation method ensures each part receives the same treatment and is your assurance of consistent compliance with high quality standards. Automation with pre-programmed cleaning processes and individual handling of each part mean that individual parts can be related to single batches, complying with traceability and quality requirements.

Customer satisfaction at a profit

With the Wheelabrator Inclined Belt Machine, you gain extra competitive edge, especially in the case of safety parts such as brake discs, brake drums and wheel rims, helping you to consolidate your position as a preferred supplier. You can design lighter, thinner, high performance parts with process security, and benefit from further improvements to your profitability by reducing scrap, increasing throughput, and increasing quality.

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