Profitable Internal Cleaning of Automotive Castings


Wheelabrator Advanced Internal Cleaning Machine: Profitable internal cleaning of automotive castings

Modern, high-performance and extended warranty engine blocks and heads require a very high level of contamination removal from external and internal surfaces. Processes must be repeatable, secure and highly efficient in the ultra-competitive automotive market.

Internal cleaning is a complex process that has to be effective in order to protect automotive manufacturers from substantial cost risks in connection with warranties. Traceability is a vital quality assurance aspect.

Competitive power

For suppliers of automotive engine and head castings, who operate in this highly competitive environment, this means two things. The first is the necessity of finding a supplier with a solution that can deliver the required quality and traceability. The second is to turn this into a profitable business activity. Wheelabrator is the supplier with the relevant industry experience to deliver both.

The Wheelabrator Advanced Internal Cleaning Machine is a fully automatic internal cleaning solution that has the flexibility to handle engine heads and blocks of different sizes and geometries, with minimal set up times and costs to deliver consistent and traceable, high quality output in three-shift operation; keeping production running smoothly and uptime to a maximum.

Precision and uptime

A complete set of automatic air blast nozzles blow a specific abrasive shot mix with minute precision into the internal channels to be cleaned. The continuous feeding system eliminates the risk of stoppages to ensure a consistent end-quality result. The advanced control system ensures repeatability together with full traceability of process parameters for consistent compliance with quality standards.

Higher profitability

The Wheelabrator Advanced Internal Cleaning Machine is designed to maximise uptime and flexibility through the use of swap-over tools, easy maintenance and high-quality wear parts. Further cost reductions are obtained from the reduced amount of machining needed due to the thorough removal of contamination.

As a Wheelabrator customer, you have the reassurance of local, global support to maintain and improve high uptime and throughput as well as the reassurance of an experienced and stable global supplier with the resources to support you over the entire service life of your equipment.

The bottom line is competitive power that wins orders and sustains customer loyalty plus operational power that ensures a lower cost per part and higher profitability.

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Talk to the Wheelabrator experts on stand G34 in Hall 15 to find out how the Wheelabrator Advanced Internal Cleaning Machine can help you comply with increasingly stringent specifications required by your automotive customers and, at the same time, lower your cost per part.


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