DISA MATCH: Bigger and Better Than Ever


DISA MATCH: Bigger and better than ever

The DISA MATCH 32 x 32 is proving its worth in jobbing foundries around the world. A simpler and more rigid and robust design ensures unbeatable accuracy, less waste and greater flexibility leading to higher than ever output and yield, and lower-than-ever cost per casting.

The DISA MATCH 32 x 32 moulding machine combines pattern plates big enough to accommodate large castings or smaller ones with cutting-edge engineering that makes life both easier and more profitable. Jobbing foundries who have adopted the new technology are reaping the rewards.

Simplicity to lower costs

The new, simplified design of the DISA MATCH 32 x 32 features a symmetrical construction with centred guide rods. This provides the rigidity for exceptional mould accuracy giving a mismatch of less than 0.01”/0.25 mm. In addition, reduced wear and tear and easy accessibility make maintenance less frequent, less expensive, and quicker. For the foundry this means higher uptime, higher output, less waste, less cleaning and higher revenues for the same overheads.

Productivity to increase throughput

Fast plate changes using the Quick Match plate Changer combined with speeds of up to 100 uncored moulds and 80 cored moulds per hour provide foundries with a new level of flexibility and performance. Independent adjustment of cope and drag height on each mould half enables optimisation of the iron/sand ratio as well as reduction of sand consumption. Combined with the new state-of-the-art control system, these features enable foundries to produce large high-quality castings of different types more consistently and more cost-effectively.

Increasing profitability

The DISA MATCH 32 x 32 offers jobbing foundries a flexible and simple solution for high-speed production of larger castings. Combine this new technology with the DISA and Wheelabrator worldwide local support network to maintain increased profitability over many years.


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