DISA MATCH 32x32 Reduces cost per casting in Saudi Arabia


DISA MATCH 32x32 substantially reduces cost per casting in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Mechanical Industries, a prominent Saudi Arabian manufacturer of engineering products and components, decided to adopt the DISA MATCH 32x32 moulding machine as the heart of a new greensand foundry project. The biggest in the DISA MATCH range, the 32x32 is set to substantially reduce the company’s cost per casting by increasing capacity and improving the efficiency of the iron castings production process.

Saudi Mechanical Industries (SMI) specialises in the production of pumps, valves and other engineered components as part of its engineering solutions for irrigation and the oil and gas industry. SMI decided to expand its ferrous castings production base by introducing the biggest automated green sand foundry in Saudi Arabia based on the DISA MATCH 32x32 moulding machine supported by two 6 tons melting furnaces.

Quality and reliability are key

“Our customers are located in the USA, Italy, the UK, the Middle East and North Africa, in addition to our domestic market in Saudi Arabia,” said Ahmed Khraishi, Operations Manager at SMI. “This means that ‘European’ quality, low costs and stable supply are business-critical parameters for us.”

After examining the market, SMI chose the DISA MATCH 32x32 as they knew DISA by reputation and were highly impressed both by the design and capabilities of the machine itself, and also by the way DISA demonstrated understanding of their needs.

Lower cost per casting

Ahmed Khraishi expects the DISA MATCH to increase SMI’s ferrous casting capacity by a factor of five.

“Automatic greensand casting is far simpler and more sustainable than the furan sand process. Green sand preparation requires only one relatively cheap chemical instead of the more expensive cocktail demanded by the furan sand process. We also expect the accuracy of the DISA MATCH to substantially reduce our finishing costs. We believe that the speed, simplicity and accuracy of the DISA MATCH 32x32,combined with its large mould size and a huge output increase, will improve castings quality and drive down the cost per casting to a highly competitive level.”

Close partnership

“We are proud to be supplying the DISA MATCH 32x32 as part of the new greensand foundry line at SMI, and we are looking forward to a close and mutually advantageous partnership over many years,” said Per Ejdorf, Sales Manager at DISA.

“Quality, consistency and reliability are essential to our long-term customer relations. We are confident that the DISA MATCH will play a pivotal role together with DISA’s world-famous standard of support in driving our growth strategy for the future,” said Ahmed Khraishi.

The DISA MATCH 32x32 will be handed over by Robert E. Joyce Jr., President and CEO, Norican Group, and Peter Holm Larsen, President and COO, DISA, to Samer Al Hizami, CEO, Saudi Mechanical Industries, at a ceremony on the DISA stand at GIFA 2011.

DISA is also supplying the cooling plant for the new moulding line.

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