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DISA and Wheelabrator together at GIFA 2011 in Düsseldorf

Innovative foundry and shotblasting solutions

Metelen, 15 June 2011 – DISA and Wheelabrator are exhibiting together for the first time at an international exhibition since Norican Group brought them together in 2009. The venue is GIFA 2011, from June 28th to July 2nd, where these two world leaders will present the new organisation and the many advantages it offers their customers, as well as a number of innovative new products.

DISA will be showcasing the DISA MATCH 32/32 matchplate moulding machine together with the DISA 231 FAST vertical moulding machine, setting another world record in productivity by reaching up to 555 moulds/hour.

Wheelabrator is unveiling two new and exciting solutions: its IBC continuous shotblasting solution and the Advanced Internal Cleaning Machine (AIC) for internal cleaning of components.

The two brands focus on their combined manufacturing and service strengths. DISA is bringing sand preparation and moulding technologies as well as core shooters to the table, while Wheelabrator presents surface finishing solutions including the former DISA range of shotblasting solutions. DISA Global Services and Wheelabrator Plus top off the offerings in the form of two international after-sales organisations providing total, round-the-clock equipment support.

DISA and Wheelabrator together create a new tower of strength in the industry with a clear range of offerings backed by a powerful innovative drive. The wide range of new solutions and equipment on display at GIFA 2011 is a result of this new combination of forces.

New dimensions: DISA MATCH 32/32

With the DISA MATCH 32/32 on show for the first time at GIFA 2011, DISA has added a new dimension to greensand moulding, offering a full range of high quality matchplate moulding. With a mould size of 813 x 813 mm and a high capacity of up to 100 uncored moulds an hour, the DISA MATCH 32/32 sets a new industry standard, offering customers extraordinary competitive edge. Short pattern changes and low maintenance requirements add extra dimensions to the efficiency of this new moulding machine.

Ideal for shorter runs with frequent pattern changes, the DISA MATCH 32/32 is based on a completely new design with its roots in tried and tested DISA technology. The goal was to combine the high greensand mould quality of DISA with a quantum leap in performance. Independent adjustment of cope and drag height on each mould half enables optimisation of the iron/sand ratio as well as reduction of sand consumption, and a simpler, more rigid and robust design ensures unbeatable accuracy, less waste and greater flexibility leading to higher than ever output and yield, and lower than ever cost per casting

Innovative operational advances also contribute to the efficiency of the DISA MATCH 32/32. The Automatic Core Setter (CSE) gives the operator 36 seconds to place the cores in the core mask, whereas for manual core setting in the mould, the operator has a maximum of 6 seconds. The Quick Matchplate Changer (QMC) enables pattern change times of less than three minutes. The ultra-modern control system also provides the operator with an intuitive operating interface.

Many other details also contribute to the high availability of the DISA MATCH 32/32, such as the integrated in-chamber spray system that reduces wear by preventing sand from sticking to the pattern plates. Ample accessibility makes scheduled maintenance both quicker and easier while standardised parts increase parts availability and save inventory costs.

Record breaking: DISA 231 FAST

The newest development in vertical moulding, the DISA 231 FAST, an extra 45 moulds/hour have been added to the 510 moulds/hour standard moulding speed, now reaching an unprecedented productivity of up to 555 moulds/hour. DISA now gives the customers no less than 6 choices in mould size, combined with 4 moulding speed options in the DISA 131/231 range, for optimal efficiency and the lowest costs.

Increased productivity: DISA Double Index

A mould transport system for increased productivity of high speed DISA moulding lines, for jobs for demanding extended pouring time. Pouring time can be extended by up to 40% without reducing productivity. On top of higher productivity, the Double Index enables higher yield and higher casting quality.

Process reliability: IBC Continuous Shotblast Machine with Conveyor belt

The new Wheelabrator IBC Continuous Shotblast Machine delivers even greater process reliability to customers. The special transport system transports parts such as brake discs and wheel rims individually through the shotblast machine, on an inclined, wear-resistant, endless rubber belt, under constant rotation without the risk of collision or jolting.

An automatic parts recognition system enables the use of part-specific shotblasting programmes determining parameters such as speed, resting time and blasting intensity. The modular design enables the machine to be fitted with varying numbers of blast wheels, depending on requirements.

New standards of internal cleaning: Advanced Cleaning Machine (AIC)

The Wheelabrator Advanced Cleaning Machine offers exceptional efficiency and repeatability as well as high blasting quality and short process times. This is made possible by the Wheelabrator Module8 Principle, allowing a range of configuration options and enabling the use of both standard shotblast nozzles and special nozzles designed especially for individual customer applications. Stationary or rotating shotblast lances can also be used for individual cleaning of internal spaces with diameters down to five millimetres. Production speed can be adjusted to customer demands by using several parallel shotblasting stations.

DISA und Wheelabrator will be showcasing their innovative solutions at GIFA 2011 on Stand G34 in Hall 15. Find out more here.

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