DISA Parts and Services: lowering your cost per part


DISA Parts and Services: Lowering your costs per part

DISA is the world’s largest supplier of foundry moulding solutions with customers all over the world. Our Global Services organisation is dedicated to helping you to achieve, maintain and improve your productivity – and your profitability – throughout the lifetime of your DISA equipment.

DISA equipment performs at 100% from day one. Maintaining and further improving performance and profitability requires care and attention based on securely founded knowledge and experience of applications and equipment.

Spare parts

DISA gives you the best possible platform for profitability with expert installation and commissioning as well as operator training. We recommend you adopt a service agreement under our DISA TOPS scheme to ensure that you maintain your performance by regular equipment audits, recommended maintenance schedules and a predictive spare parts inventory that is optimised for your equipment. DISA TOPS means that you can budget your service and support needs predictively and accurately.

Remote Monitoring Service

The DISA Remote Monitoring Service is based on a secure VPN connection to your equipment monitored remotely by DISA technicians via the internet, helping you to maintain performance and profitability over a longer period with a substantially reduced risk of downtime. We can help you save money, for example by alerting you to the need for preventive maintenance before an issue becomes a problem.

Foundry Optimisation

Foundry Optimisation is about keeping track of application efficiency and suggesting process changes or improvements that can further boost your productivity. DISA Foundry Optimisation engineers have many years of specialist training and experience and can analyse your operation to suggest ways of improving your applications. Our recommendations can be supported with by payback analysis based on your particular applications and operation.

Global services and support

DISA Global Services offer a worldwide local support network that is unique in our industry. We are ready to help you lower your cost per part by maintaining and improving your long-term productivity and throughput — anytime, anywhere in the world.


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